P1080966Dear backgammon friends,

Thank you all for coming to Czechoslovak Backgammon Open Championship 2012.

I believe you had great time and game in Prague and we will be happy to welcome you again next year.

Best regards and good game!

Honza Cerny
on behalf of organization team and Czechoslovak backgammon federation



Champions (19): 1 - Kwok Yan Ip (Hong Kong), 2 - Walter Meuwis (B), 3 - Zdenek Kurka (CZE), Last chance: Eva Zizkova (CZE)

Players (22): 1 - Pavel Zaoral (CZE), 2 - Kwok Yan IP (Hong Kong), 3 - Gabriela Leon (RO), Last chance: Niels Skov Larsen (DK)

Doubles consulting (4): Draganuta Neculai + Pacurari Rodica (RO)

Backgammon board jackpot (16): Niels Skov Larsen (DK)